Never Married

The best analogy that was offered to me during those first few, dreadful weeks was that losing someone is like losing your leg. It’s never the same, but you learn how to hobble around. You still go on, but that leg will always be gone. It doesn’t quite “heal” the way that people sometimes describe time healing all things. Some days, it might even feel like you just lost it all over again. Yes, the tricky cycle of grief… how acquainted we’ve become.

Eyes OFF of the Prize (Part 2 of 3)

We pulled up to McLane Children’s Medical Center. It was a bit eerie driving up there in the wee hours of the morning. I’d consider myself a bit of an OG of the building. We’d had countless appointments there before… pulmonology, gastrointestinal, cardiology, nutrition, neurology…. but never at night… never to the emergency room. I slowly drove around the side of the building, to the the back where the emergency room was. Uncharted territory