Dear Mama, Your Prayer’s Already Been Answered (Part 1)

It took me a week to click on it but Holy Spirit would not let up. When I finally did click on the blog, my heart sank as I read, “… when [we] were begging for our [baby’s] life…” I remember begging God for our babies’ lives. I remember thinking He had done one terribleContinue reading “Dear Mama, Your Prayer’s Already Been Answered (Part 1)”

Ten Big Dreams for Ten Little Toes, 2nd Edition!

Live Book Reading of Ten Big Dreams for Ten Little Toes, 1st and 2nd editions!!! Excited to do some fun giveaways on Thursday (after the live reading)!!! To make it available for all time zones, I’ll just be taking names from the FB invite (those “interested” or “attending”). So if you are busy during theContinue reading “Ten Big Dreams for Ten Little Toes, 2nd Edition!”

Under Review…

So about 15 of my posts now read “UNDER REVIEW.” I’m gladly revising those posts though because it means I’ve grown. Plus, I didn’t want to risk someone reading that one misstep of a detail and feed that Old Covenant mentality. The cost is too high. Our authority lies in knowing who we are in Christ. Without the fullness of that truth, we are defeated through our lack of knowledge.

Grace Gets You Past the Finish Line

This past February, I ran my first (and possibly last) half-marathon. I know to avid runners that might be a morning warm-up but for the rest of us, 13.1 miles sounds outrageous! It’s been five months and I haven’t ran one bit since then and often mumble to my husband, “I can’t believe I ranContinue reading “Grace Gets You Past the Finish Line”

Ten Big Dreams for Ten Little Toes

So excited to share our book! It made it as a #1 Amazon New Release the first few days!!! With this book, I celebrate my babies and God’s goodness. 6 years ago on February 10, 2013, I met my two sweet babies, Nicholas and Sophia. Unfortunately, it was 4 months too soon, leading to NicholasContinue reading “Ten Big Dreams for Ten Little Toes”

Please Join Us in Supporting Hand to Hold

In honor of Sophia and in memory of Nicholas, we will be participating in the Austin Marathon (completing the 5k and half-marathon) on February 17, 2019, a week after our babies’ 6th birthday. Please help us raise money for this awesome organization that helps families like ours!

Bigfoot and Peace Beyond Understanding

Today I opened up my journal, from our NICU stay, to start typing it up… My first entry after everything initially happened with the babies was on 3/24/13. It read: “God is a loving God and I know He’ll get us through this hard time.” That made my heart swell because I know that wasContinue reading “Bigfoot and Peace Beyond Understanding”