Tiger paws

Our therapy tape job this week is fitting for these ‘lil fighting tiger paws, if I may say so myself ❤️ #AllThings #ImpossibleDoesntExist #WaitYoullSee#HisPlans    

Forsaken and Forgotten

He knew if he could convince me that life would just be downhill from there, that I could let my heart grow cold and bitter. I could believe that I was forsaken and forgotten. I could give up on the promises of God. I mean, clearly holding my lifeless son was seemingly proof that God had failed me. I repeat, the enemy IS A LIAR AND A THIEF. … More Forsaken and Forgotten

The Final Stretch

It is three days until Sophia’s first day of school. Three days. A little over two months ago I blurted out, in a faith-fueled rant, that Sophia would walk into school this year. There was no one around, just me and our always-listening God. I immediately panicked, all too familiar with how exhausting it can … More The Final Stretch