Yesterday’s Giants

There are things in your life that you are currently living that, at one time, you were dreaming of, praying for, believing for. Continue to believe for bigger and better, but don’t forgot those things that have come. Never allow miracles that have come to fruition fade into your everyday ordinary. #AllThings #NoMoreFeedingTube #NoMoreBreathingTube #NoMoreSeizures … More Yesterday’s Giants

Tiger paws

Our therapy tape job this week is fitting for these ‘lil fighting tiger paws, if I may say so myself ❤️ #AllThings #ImpossibleDoesntExist #WaitYoullSee#HisPlans    

Forsaken and Forgotten

He knew if he could convince me that life would just be downhill from there, that I could let my heart grow cold and bitter. I could believe that I was forsaken and forgotten. I could give up on the promises of God. I mean, clearly holding my lifeless son was seemingly proof that God had failed me. I repeat, the enemy IS A LIAR AND A THIEF. … More Forsaken and Forgotten