The Final Stretch

It is three days until Sophia’s first day of school. Three days. A little over two months ago I blurted out, in a faith-fueled rant, that Sophia would walk into school this year. There was no one around, just me and our always-listening God. I immediately panicked, all too familiar with how exhausting it can … More The Final Stretch

Never Married

The best analogy that was offered to me during those first few, dreadful weeks was that losing someone is like losing your leg. It’s never the same, but you learn how to hobble around. You still go on, but that leg will always be gone. It doesn’t quite “heal” the way that people sometimes describe time healing all things. Some days, it might even feel like you just lost it all over again. Yes, the tricky cycle of grief… how acquainted we’ve become. … More Never Married