To say 2013 was a tough year for us is quite the understatement. My husband and I were expecting boy/girl twins in May of 2013. At only 24 weeks pregnant, I went into preterm labor with our sweet babies, Sophia and Nicholas. With both babies weighing in at under 2 lbs each, they were immediately admitted into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Our precious Nicholas passed away the following evening and Sophia would spend the next 316 days in the NICU (two months at our local NICU and the next eight and a half months at Texas Children’s Hospital). With TCH being three hours away from home, I resigned from being a middle school teacher and lived in and out of the local Houston Ronald McDonald House. We struggled in all aspects… emotionally, spiritually, financially, psychologically… We went through the fire for sure, but one thing is even more certain… Jesus was right there with us in the fire.

After a long ten and a half months, we brought our spunky girl, Sophia, home. Although she wore a nasal cannula and feeding tube, she was finally home. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Sophia is still working on seeing, talking, head and core control, and an ongoing list of milestones… but in the words of French Montana, we “ain’t worried ’bout nothin’.”

You see, Sophia is doing it all, one step at a time. God has placed in our spirit that she will do ALL things and do them exceedingly well. So as unlikely as that seems (trust me, we get it), we are standing on His promises. We choose joy every day, wherever we’re at in our journey, but we also refuse to settle for anything less than what God has placed in our hearts.

Along this challenging journey, we’ve found ourselves incredibly blessed with eye-opening experiences. This blog is just an outlet to share some of what we’re learning through God. I hope that it’s His truth and His goodness that you hear in our story.


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