Things DO Change Overnight

95172978_2561018867497457_4245959618913632256_oDo you know that one of the “issues” I previously shed many tears over was that Sophia didn’t smile? I remember walking through Tx Children’s Hospital NICU and seeing so many of the babies smiling. It warmed my heart but also shattered it. In the first few months, I had only seen Sophia halfway smile on a very few occasions (around a big ‘ol breathing vent tube, at that) and I longed for that full, joyful smile babies give. As you can see from her pictures now, she is literally all smiles. Even when she’s grumpy or frustrated, we can get a smile out of her with something silly.

Do you know one of the other “issues” I shed many tears over was Sophia not eating by mouth? She left the NICU after 10 1/2 months with a nasal feeding tube. A whole year passed and still she couldn’t take a bottle. A 5-week stay at a feeding clinic in September 95215561_2561018957497448_7482222677655027712_o2014 transitioned her from a feeding pump to bolus syringe meals, but the prognosis was still that she needed a feeding tube surgically placed. The window for her to learn to take in enough food without it long passed, or so it seemed. I wouldn’t move from the promise God placed in my heart though: no feeding tube, eating by mouth. Three months later she exponentially started taking a bottle over the course of a week. A week! Years later we introduced purées and she had been on them since. Well this January, Sophia and I went to a healing conference together. I had never traveled alone with her and on the last day there, I ran out of purées and yogurts. I went through a drive-thru chicken joint and dared to get green beans with her mashed potatoes. I sat in the back of the car with her and she ate all of it. Then I offered her teeny pieces of chicken. She ate it. 😳 Homegirl has been eating EVERYTHING since. She loves Mac n’ cheese, PB&J’s, and Indian food!

My point? Things DO change overnight. You might be one day away from the manifestation of what your heart is urging you to believe. See it now. Believe it now. Keep speaking life to that seemingly “dead” situation. When I tell you that this girl is doing ALL things, I’m not hoping as the world does. My hope is in Christ alone, therefore IT IS DONE!

I speak life to your situation too! Every assignment from the enemy completely demolished by God’s grace through faith! Now, quit repeating what the enemy has been whispering to you, feeding fear and doubt. Only allow the truth of God to escape your lips and stand confidently in your authority through Jesus Christ. Believe beyond reason!

Happy Faith-Speakin’ Friday!

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