Such a Time as This


This year for Character Day at Sophia’s school, I pondered on which character that her unused Roman princess costume (from last year) could represent. I thought about digging out her book, The Princess and the Pea. It seemed to be the easiest option.

Something settled into my heart though when I thought of princess characters. My thoughts drifted to something recently prophesied over our family. This young lady, who weeks before spoke so passionately about what she saw for our life and Sophia’s purpose, had mentioned Esther from the Bible and going “before kings.” I remember feeling so filled after she spoke life into my heart that night and excited to share it with my husband. I eagerly told him how this young lady embodied God’s love so much that it was almost uncomfortable… but not in a bad way. It was just so much love oozing out of her in such a sweet, calm manner.

After going back and forth a bit, I decided the reoccurring thought had purpose, so Esther it would be. Although Esther is not just a character, but a part of true history, she was the “character” of choice this year. This “well, maybe” thought then soon transformed into a “well, of course” thought. Sophia’s journey, our journey, is indeed for such a time as this! A time when so many people are hopeless and fearful. A time when people find it easier to settle for disbelief, rather than dare to believe beyond reason. A time when people seek perfect circumstances before they think they can find their true joy and peace. Surely, Sophia’s life is for such a time as this!

Aren’t we all Esthers, though? Isn’t there something in each one of us that has the ability to rock the foundation of hopelessness and defeat? I truly do believe so.

So I encourage you to find your inner Esther today. Be bold. Be confident. Know that you are called to change this world for the better. Believe it. Believe it beyond reason. 🙂

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