Pushback on the Enemy

Where the enemy has tried to crush you… steal your dreams, kill your faith, destroy your destiny… turn it around on him. Spread hope, love, and faith ❤️❤️❤️

Today I choked up, going up the elevator at the S&W NICU. The same elevator that I went up way too many times, knowing Nicholas wasn’t there anymore and wondering if Sophia would make it through the night. That’s okay though because today, a little over 5 years later, I went and left flyers about healing at that same NICU. I prayed with a man, for his wife’s heart, down in the lobby. I went back to a place that the enemy tried to crush me and waved my victory flag. 

Make the enemy sorry that he dared to come after you, a child of the Most High God. Foolish him thought that the pain of our journey might make me mistaken about how GREAT our God is… it is in the depths of that pain that I have found how faithful our God is; that peace beyond understanding is not just a myth. In our quest for healing, I’ve found something even better. God’s overwhelming, everlasting LOVE. Everything else is just icing on the cake. Don’t settle for just a taste of the icing. Enjoy the cake!

#SpreadLove #ImpossibleDoesntExist #KilleenHealingRooms #NotTodaySatanNotEver #DelusionalFaith

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